HappyFeet eClasses

Bringing the Adventures to Your Home!

Struggling to entertain and keep your little ones active at home?

This will help! Your chance to bring the excitement and creativity of HappyFeet, right into your home. We'll go on adventures, practice our soccer moves, and even learn about our "Big Idea" character skills. Your child will love getting to follow along with their own soccer ball. And, you'll love providing a way for them to stay active and keep developing their agility, balance, and coordination!

So, grab your ball, carve out a little space, and join us for your own private HappyFeet class!

Your Child's FREE HappyFeet Adventure

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HappyFeet at Home: Tips for Success

Location: use any flexible space. Clear out a little extra room in your living room, play room, backyard, or garage. Obstacles like couches and tables can transform into another animal in the zoo to dribble around.
Soccer Ball: Any round ball will work! Kickball, basketball, tennis ball, etc.
Get Loud: The videos are interactive. Encourage your child to engage with Coach just like they would in class.
Family Time: get the whole family involved on your soccer adventure. Encourage siblings to play along and develop games of their own after class.